Thursday Milestones


  • Stephanie continues to show improvement.  Doctors are pleased with her progress.
  • Stephanie moved from the bed to a chair for a while this morning
  • They removed the IV to Stephanie’s heart
  • Stephanie is eating Jello and will be starting on more solid food today
  • Stephanie is starting her blood thinners today
  • Stephanie is still very groggy from the pain killer.  She talks and can understand, but she is still very foggy.   
  • They are going to keep her in the ICU for one more day and move her to a normal hospital room on Friday 
  • She’s coughing, which is good, because it gets the congestion and fluid out.  It’s not so good from her perspective, because it really hurts.

One thought on “Thursday Milestones

  1. It seems like the expression "No pain, no gain" is true. With each passing day the pain will be less and your strength will increase. I doubt that it would feel very good to laugh much for a few days either so Joel, don\’t cut up too much. Hope the food is tasty and to your liking. Know that people are continuing to pray for your recovery.Much love from Florence

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