A Day of Hope

18333_1299906010846_1026275602_30981138_1711309_n (This is the first post that Stephanie has written since the surgery).

Today is the first day I have had any hope, and not complete suffering after open heart surgery.  It has been a horrible physical experience, and I had trouble communicating with my techs, nurses or caregivers.  It has been complete helplessness, but a good way to experience complete dependence on Jesus.

I was able to sleep on & off, on & off, on & off – get the picture – for 6 hours. This was great.  I got a sponge bath and felt like I wasn’t some kind of dirty animal. 

By noon my pain level was manageable.  Dr. K,  the surgeon,  came & told us that my lungs were clear (yesterday he drained a liter of fluid out of the back of my chest).  My mobility is getting better, and I had an ECHO, and the results were very good.

It is so good and encouraging to have a good day at the hospital.

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