Luxuries of Life

One of the most important luxuries  of life is a shower. A stand up, hot water continuously flowing, soap & a washcloth. I went 11 days without one & I will NEVER take it for granted again. It’s not the actual shower itself, or how big the shower is, or if the curtain is moldy, or if little kids are peeking in, or if someone flushes the toilet, or if there are better decorations at Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  It’s the ABILITY to get a shower for yourself. I do my share of complaining, but I have a new appreciation for the ability to take a shower.

I got one this morning with Joel’s help, but I did a lot of it myself. I got to use hot water, soap, and shampooed my hair. It is humbling to realize you only got a shower today because of God’s grace. 

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