Homeward Bound (sort of)

Monday afternoon Stephanie was discharged from the hospital.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is we can’t come home quite yet. 

Tuesday we have to get checked out at the Coumadin Clinic (they were closed by the time we left the hospital).  Also, Wednesday morning the doctors want to follow up with Steph and see how she’s doing on her sodium level, so they didn’t want us to go too far yet.

Stephanie is happy to be out of the hospital, but last night was kind of overwhelming to her, sleeping in a normal bed and getting adjusted to normal life.  It’s nice to not hear people moaning or hacking during the night, or have nurses come in and turn on the lights to check blood pressure, but it is also a bit scary for Steph not to have the security of doctors and oxygen nearby right now.

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