We’re Back (at the hospital)

IMG00032 Stephanie has been re-admitted to the hospital.  Since getting discharged yesterday, the fluid in her chest has increased, and it is affecting her breathing capacity.  When she tries to lie down, her breathing is very labored, and her lips start to turn blue.  The doctors hoped that treating her with Lasix would take care of the fluid, but it didn’t work.  Also, her sodium level continued to drop. 

They are treating her with a more powerful diuretic that has to be administered via an IV drip.  This medicine is supposed to quickly reduce the fluid and also increase her sodium.  Once they get the fluid out they hope to maintain a healthy fluid level using steroids.

This is very common in people with Stephanie’s procedure—it takes the body to adjust to the new wiring.

Stephanie feels relieved to be in the hospital so she can get rid of the fluid pressure and breathe, but she also feels weary of having a bunch of IV’s hooked up to her and lab work every 3-4 hours.

Other than the fluid complications, Stephanie is healing very well.  Her incision and chest pain is much lower than it was a few days ago.

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