Happy Day

2 Milestones in this hospital adventure have been (1) Waking up on Sunday the 17th looking at pink nails. I haven’t had pink nails in over a year. I have been in denial & had more manicures just to cover it up, not to be prettier.  (2) Getting good results in the cath today – the surgery was successful and healing properly. No more immediate surgery!!  I read my pre-written verses and pushed the worst case scenario out of my mind. Jeremiah & Genesis state that nothing is too hard for God…I had to remind myself of that even when I felt the wires in my leg, when I had 2 big cameras in my face, when I had 10 people in the cath lab talking in some other kind of language I had to keep asking in groggy questions if things were good.

These 2 things compare to the overwhelming happiness of “getting the call” that we have a child waiting for us – the relief, happiness, the undeserved GRACE. Dr. Book is not completely satisfied because I am not home yet & we are treating complications. She is an incredible physician – she treat me like I am her only patient – I know she has 50 other active patients.  

I am overwhelmingly thankful and joyful today & want to have these feelings – remembering what God has done for me. 

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