Heart Cath

This morning at 8:00 AM, Stephanie had a heart catheterization.  The docs ordered a cath because they wanted to be sure that her low sodium level was not being caused by a problem with her heart, such as blockage or some failure of the reconstruction.  They wanted to check it out before it healed all of the way, as it is easier to fix problems before they scar over.

CIMG0222Steph and Mom before the heart cath

While we did not expect that anything was wrong from the surgery, we were concerned, because if they found something in the cath, it could mean opening her up and operating again.

Our prayers were answered, and the cath showed everything was functioning as it should, and the reconstruction and valve are functioning as they should.  It showed that the pressure was up, but that is just because of the extra fluid that she has.  We’re glad that they did the cath, because it is nice to know that she is healing well.

After the cath, Stephanie enjoyed some delicious popsicles.  She’s on fluid restriction as the fluid drains, so she really enjoys popsicles, because they quench her thirst without increasing her fluid levels.


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