Mommy’s Little Nurse

CIMG0229When we came back to the hospital on Thursday, Stephanie was confined to the bed for almost 3 days while they drained her fluid using the Ultra Filtration machine.  To bring her spirits up, Doctor B. ordered us to bring Chloe to the hospital—officially they have a “no children” policy, but since Steph was in the Cardiac Care Unit, the rooms are a bit more private and have private entrances, they made an exception for us.

We were a little bit concerned that Chloe wouldn’t do well, but she did great!  She loved staying at the hotel with Daddy, and really liked the popsicles that Steph got to quench her thirst (she’s on water restriction), especially when she got to share one.

She’s Mommy’s little nurse—she tells Steph not to drink water, and tells her what potty to use, to take her medicine, and to obey the nurses.  She’s very gentle and careful around Mommy, but she likes to go see the fish in the waiting room and jump on Daddy.

It has really lifted Stephanie’s spirits tremendously, and probably been her favorite time in the hospital.  It’s also shown us that when Steph finally gets to go home, she will be able to spend a lot of time with Chloe without her being too rough.

Chloe has been shy around the doctors, yet when I asked her what her favorite part was, she said that she liked the doctors the best.  She said that Mommy’s doctor was good, but Chloe liked Dr. Chia (Chloe’s pediatrician) better.

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