Hospital gowns

A national complaint is wearing a hospital gown. Complaints about how ugly they are, how they don’t really cover everything – understatement here.  The lack of sizes – I think there’s 3 sizes. Let’s talk colors – could gray, faded blue make anyone look like they weren’t  about to throw up their week’s worth of groceries?

The gowns are just the beginning of the hospital attire. Let’s start with the compression stockings. I woke up from surgery with mechanical things squeezing  my calves …they stayed on for 6 days.  Then when my water gained back, I got hospital compression stockings. From the middle of my toes to my thighs, I am squeezed. I have had these on for 6 days. My right leg is almost back to normal; my left leg is not coming along …still holding about 10 or more pounds in one leg.  Looks like a big tree trunk.

The socks finish the outfit. Medium blue with white stripes, that are “grippy” non skid. XX Large only.

I’m Not a Camel, Dr. K

Anyone who knows me, sees me with a bottle of water or coke in my hand. This is one more things that’s not the case this week. I am restricted to 8 or fewer cups of  water a day. And just so we know. a “cup” to me is a 21oz drink. Dr. K. thinks that it’s 8oz .

A Day of Hope

18333_1299906010846_1026275602_30981138_1711309_n (This is the first post that Stephanie has written since the surgery).

Today is the first day I have had any hope, and not complete suffering after open heart surgery.  It has been a horrible physical experience, and I had trouble communicating with my techs, nurses or caregivers.  It has been complete helplessness, but a good way to experience complete dependence on Jesus.

I was able to sleep on & off, on & off, on & off – get the picture – for 6 hours. This was great.  I got a sponge bath and felt like I wasn’t some kind of dirty animal. 

By noon my pain level was manageable.  Dr. K,  the surgeon,  came & told us that my lungs were clear (yesterday he drained a liter of fluid out of the back of my chest).  My mobility is getting better, and I had an ECHO, and the results were very good.

It is so good and encouraging to have a good day at the hospital.

January 20th

Today was a very difficult day for Stephanie.  She’s healing fine, but she continues to retain a lot of fluid.  This morning was especially hard for her, as she had trouble breathing due to the fluid in her chest.  The doctor drained a liter of fluid from her chest.  She’s very sore and exhausted, but feels much better since she can catch her breath.  They are going to keep her here until the rest of the fluid goes down, which could be early next week.

During her pain this morning, she took comfort in Psalm 23 and Job, and it was nice to see the sunshine through the window.

One Week Later

Stephanie continues to heal well, but she still is retaining a lot of fluid.  This is giving her a fair amount of discomfort.  She will need to be here until the fluid goes down, which could be 3-4 more days.  She’s relieved to not have to travel today.

Day 4

The surgeon has decided that Stephanie is ready for them to remove all of her tubes, catheter, and wires (except for her arm IV) and move her out of the intensive care unit.  Please pray for Steph as they remove her chest tubes–she was almost dreading that more than the surgery itself.