No Place Like Home

Judy Garland’s famous line, “There’s no place like home,” really is true.  I have been home for 6 days.  It’s so comforting, safe, and I am learning how to do things for myself.  I am able to brush my teeth, wash my face, walk 10-12 minutes on my parents’ treadmill.  Having my own pajamas and blankets are part of my home. Having my favorite foods (even though I have a small appetite) is such a luxury.  My own shower is another luxury! I don’t have to share with anyone else, put plastic bags over my IV’s.  It’s really comforting to be at home. 

My mom & dad, as well as my brother & sister in law,  have worked so hard hard to take care of my children, Chloe & Jack.  The kids have such a special relationship with the grandparents.  The kids look forward to seeing them first thing in the morning, bath time, and night time kisses.

I have a long way to  recover…I am starting a 12 Cardiac Rehab program next Thursday to teach me to exercise with monitoring heart rate & BP; I will also have lots of lab work 2-3 times a week., and I have many bruises to heal.  But the most important thing is that the open heart surgery was successful & I have a 2nd chance on life.  Thank you God!! I will not waste it – want to live in light of the cross every day. 

One thought on “No Place Like Home

  1. Stephanie! I am SO glad you are recovering and feeling better! I\’ve been reading your blog and pestering Marie with questions along the way. 🙂 LOTS of prayers have come your way, and I ran the Jacksonville Marathon in your honor on December 20th. Did not walk ONE step until I hit mile 20, and kept thinking about your "double digits" comment when I finally walked. My husband and I both want to walk with you for the Heart Walk, and are very excited to be part of your celebration. Hope you continue to recover and get stronger by "leaps and bounds." Much love, Elaine

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