Starting Cardiac Rehab

This Thursday I will be interviewing with GMH Greer Campus to start a 12 week exercise program.  I briefly stopped in last week to take a look, and was quite intimidated,  This was such a weird feeling – I used to confidently walk into Sportsclub &  go to a spin class, weightlifting class, or body jam.  My confidence  & identity came from the fact that I ran 18 marathons from 2001 – 2006.

I was told I will start with putting 3 leads on my chest to monitor my blood pressure and pulse. Starting on a bike for 10 – 15. I think I will bring my Zune.  The nice things about the  atmosphere is it’s smoke free!!! Why on Earth people would have  heart problems  & then us tobacco ????

I am intimidated to go to a gym where a bunch of 70 year olds are more fit than I am in.  I am scared!

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