Saturday’s Mani & Pedi.

My good friend, Ann, took me to get my nails done on Saturday.  If I haven’t recommended a nail salon before, I am now – Nail Envy, Congaree Road.  Clean, the employees are sweet & work hard, offer you a water, soda, or wine.  The decorations are beautiful, flat screen tvs with pretty scenery or style network.


Ok….so more to the point. I was sitting on the end chair, then Ann, then this girl named Katie. She had a pedicure, then fell asleep & was sweating a lot.  Katie started to wake up, and thrashing.  Ann & another client, who was a nurse, held her down while my nail tech called  911.  The other client/nurse also got her phone out of her purse & called her mom & sister. She was diabetic. When the paramedics arrived & tested her, her blood sugar was 28 – normal is 60 – 120.  They gave her an IV, and a Pepsi with a sugar packet dumped in it.

I don’t tell this story  to teach in embarrass Katie or anything,  This continues to teach me that I am not the only one with a serious condition.  I also saw grace shown by Ann who walked Katie to the bathroom with an IV, and helped her throw up.  I’m sure that when Ann went to get a pedi, she didn’t envision helping someone throw up & get your blood sugar up.

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