God’s Timing

It just hit me this morning. he last 6 months my cardiologist in Atlanta, Dr. B., has told me that my surgery was 3-5 years overdue. We had a lot of work & tests to fit in  — a short amount of time to work with.  I have been so angry with my family doctor & local cardiologist…what were they doing when I came in? Did they listen? Did they care? Can all they do is prescribe more & more & more meds that are toxic to me? They should have caught this, esp. the cardiologist. Where was his brain? Does he have one?

It hit me today….if I would have had this surgery 3-5 years ago, I would never have been approved to adopt. I have the most precious, predestinated children. I could not imagine my life without Chloe & Jack.  We wouldn’t have them.  Maybe they would not have been adopted, maybe they would have. Maybe they would have been aborted.

It brings me to KNOW my Heavenly Father knows what’s best – His timing, His pace, His place.  Don’t question Him. 

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