Running Theories

With the Spring season and running races so often, I’ve heard a lot of opinions. So…I’ll offer mine.

First & most importantly, you need to enjoy running & the benefits it brings. Why waste so much of your time doing something you don’t like & complain about?

You can be competitive or relaxed – ENJOY it! It is a sport with flexibility.

Have more than one goal in mind – this is a Jeff Galloway tip. Going into a race – have 3 goals – (1) Finish (2) a time goal you’d be very happy with (3) a personal best. 

In long distance runs, take walk breaks – Jeff Galloway again. Not that you would know it right now, but I have run 18 marathons in my life. In 14 of them, I have passed “real runners” who didn’t take walk breaks & I have finished before them.  I have finished ALL 18 under the Jeff Galloway method and plan on doing the USMC marathon again in 2011 (probably not advertising this to Dr. B).

Even though my body is recovering from heart surgery, I WILL be back into the running world again.  My heart surgeon said  that it was a strong heart that helped my surgery. So…get off your tush & exercise.

Maybe my next heart will be from a Boston Marathoner.

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