More Blessings, More Challenges

As I am recovering from January 12th heart surgery, I have been so blessed.  We were able to move home the middle of April.  We made some home improvements, to have a fresh start.  We brought our Barney the Beagle home…when his nails were clicking on the floor, I cried. I was so happy to have my beagle back.  the kids were so happy to see him too. 

I have been learning how to grocery shop & cook with low sodium.  I attended 2 nutrition classes at Greer Hospital & learned about sodium, how often to eat, fats & oils,  eating out (which is not recommended), how to grocery shop (stay at the perimeter of the store – nothing in a box or can). 

I have been able to do more around the house, run some errands, & take the kids to school & child care.  I finally have my freedom & mobility back. 

I rejoined the gym & have worked out  to my capacity.  My walking mile is 30 minutes & that’s the best I can do. I am doing back & lower weights & belonging to the gym has really made me happy.  Not up to taking the classes yet, waiting another month.

I have been so blessed with good health care & doctors who listen to me. I have been so blessed with a terrific church family still providing meals & praying for us so much. 

I am blessed with a husband who has carried the load completely, takes care of the children, taking care of keeping medications straight & getting refills on time.

My Challenges – it’s difficult to talk about specifics of my surgery.  It feels like I am reliving the trauma of January & February.  It’s frightening & sends flashbacks.  My therapist talked to me about Post Trauma Stress Disorder & says I have elements of it. But that already happened, it’s not happening now, & control my brain thinking about the trauma & suffering. 

I am not sleeping well & am trying to stick to strict evening schedule, trying a new medication, and controlling stress (ha, ha, ha on that last one). 




Reactivated, Recharged

As I am approaching 14 weeks post op, I have several blessings to be thankful for..

  • We moved home this weekend, with the exception of Joel’s business trip next week.
  • Barney the Beagle moved home, hearing the click click of his nails on the floors made me cry.
  • Best of all (depending on your point of view, Brad, Joel) I REACTIVATED our gym membership at Sportsclub! I cried when I pulled in the parking lot.  What a feeling!!!

Still on this journey of healing, physically & emotionally.  The good days outnumber the bad, but I still struggle with unbelief, anxiety, patience…and lots of things.  Probably like a “normal” person 🙂

I See Stupid People

Today I had several errands & unusual experiences … I saw truly stupid people all day long.

While at Labcorp, waiting for my weekly blood work, a family of 7 is ahead of me. They are all getting urine & blood work, coughing all over the place, touching everything. I’m wondering what in the world they are sick with & why don’t the parents teach them to use their hands or tissues when coughing like sick livestock?  They are loud & annoying.

Went to Babies R Us to get a particular type of baby proof hooks for cabinets. I couldn’t find them & when I asked for help the chick didn’t want to get up. Said if there not over there, we don’t have them. I asked her to help me, she suggested me to go to Lowe’s.

Then  I went to the cardiologist bc. my pacemaker wasn’t slowing my heart down far enough. As I park the car, a woman drives up, parks by me, then puts out her cigarette. I watched & she went into Upstate Cardiology. Hello – maybe that’s why you are there idiot.

At 3:30, I go to Canopy Car Wash. An old man is coughing & hacking like a sick dog.  Not covering his mouth.

I see stupid people.