I See Stupid People

Today I had several errands & unusual experiences … I saw truly stupid people all day long.

While at Labcorp, waiting for my weekly blood work, a family of 7 is ahead of me. They are all getting urine & blood work, coughing all over the place, touching everything. I’m wondering what in the world they are sick with & why don’t the parents teach them to use their hands or tissues when coughing like sick livestock?  They are loud & annoying.

Went to Babies R Us to get a particular type of baby proof hooks for cabinets. I couldn’t find them & when I asked for help the chick didn’t want to get up. Said if there not over there, we don’t have them. I asked her to help me, she suggested me to go to Lowe’s.

Then  I went to the cardiologist bc. my pacemaker wasn’t slowing my heart down far enough. As I park the car, a woman drives up, parks by me, then puts out her cigarette. I watched & she went into Upstate Cardiology. Hello – maybe that’s why you are there idiot.

At 3:30, I go to Canopy Car Wash. An old man is coughing & hacking like a sick dog.  Not covering his mouth.

I see stupid people.

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