Sleep – a luxury???

I read an article in Health magazine for May, by Amy Spencer, discussing sleep as a luxury.  She said people take pride in how early they got up, how little sleep they need & when you mentioned you got 8 hours of sleep they say, “lucky you.” 

My thoughts… I agreed with her.  If I told someone I didn’t pee all day, who in the world would say, “lucky you.” If I said I haven’t eaten in 4 days, who would say “lucky you.”  If I said I didn’t take the normal 28 pills in a day, who would say, “lucky you.”

My point – our bodies need these things – food, water, vitamins, medicines (ok, maybe not 28 pillls), & SLEEP.  I know I can get more done if I didn’t sleep or take a nap or take a mommy break – but does that make me healthier?  Sleep is vital to our health. 

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