Mixed Results, Mixed Feelings, & Reviewing Who my God is

Joel & I went to Emory on Wed, June 9, for a monthly visit to Dr. B, 6 month checkup to Dr. S (head of all GI at Emory) & lab work – can’t forget those vampires!

Got mixed results from all:
Good News –Dr. S, said that the liver has regenerated from a lot of the damage I had last year & is the proper size. Bad news – the kidneys are starting to fail as a result of all the diuretics & my weight is way too low (it”s hovering around 112 – 114; went into surgery at 135). Protein & fat need to be added.  But I have little interest in food or the smell of it.  The trick is to find the good fat that is low sodium – olive oil is my friend. Return in one month.

From cardiologist Dr. B., – my cardio meds are not working & creating pressure in my heart (enlarging it), making all of the vessels leaving the heart in high pressure. My left lung still has fluid – has not been clear since my surgery, so my lungs are building high pressure.  The pressure continues to build, increasing my need for even more diuretics, making kidney failure, making me weaker, tired, etc.  So we are slowly trying new meds for the heart & lungs, increasing potassium, protein, resting sleeping more. 

She has hope that we have a lot of rounds of meds to try & she is still carefully studying my case.  At the end of the summer, I will have a heart cath – it’s the only way to see the blood vessels & measure precisely how high or low the pressure are. If this round of meds doesn’t work, we will try until we’ve exhausted all possibilities.  If no meds work, we will talk about a heart transplant sooner, rather than later.  This has up to a 75% chance of survival rate.   Return in 2 weeks. LabCorp every week.

So…. was this surgery worth it? It turned our family upside down for a year – and now we have more of a journey. I am weaker, more stressed, need more sleep. I really feel I put my faith in God, maybe in the docs a lot, too.  The only thing I can do is follow their orders & the biggest thing I van do is return to Who my God is.  I feel depressed, trying to focus on the good news & hope – medically, but much more on The Good News of the Gospel, & the Hope I have in Jesus Christ.

Please pray as much as you can for all of my family – Joel & the kids, my parents, & my sisters & brother.

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