June 2010 Update & lessons

June has been a tough month physically & a good month spiritually. I got the chance to visit my sister in Alexandria, Va. The trip was long & I started to retain water. Had a great Friday night – we got to go out for mani/pedi away from kids time.  Saturday was a really busy, fun day. My neice had her ballet recital for the end of the term & it was special. Saturday night my dad went over Psalm 23 with Chloe & how Jesus is our shepherd. I had to live it the next day.  I had the WORST bed I have ever had in a hotel or hospital or anything. Woke up with strep throat. Sick, sick, sick. Came home during Sat night – without A/C in the minivan.

Got to the internist & confirmed strep throat, put me on augmentin that messed up my GI track until 2 days ago. I gained a total of 7 pounds this month in fluid…more “when are you expecting?” questions, my standard answer is “expecting what??

I stayed at my mom & dad’s house for 3 days, so not to pass it on to Jack or Joel (Chloe had already been exposed, but thankfully not sick).  Good lab work one week, poor lab work the next week. Trying new meds to help pressures in the heart & lung & blood vessels, so that I won’t retain fluid; can have more energy; can continue to heal 🙂

We are going back to Dr. B. on Friday at Emory University to review meds, check blood, & have her examine me. 

So….spiritually…I have been in the Word more, been praying through our church directory, working on gifts for birthdays & baby showers early.  Praying & giving to others takes my mind off of myself & keep me from thinking I have the worst life ever.  Even with my poor health, God has given me so many blessings & shown how much He loves me.

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