Lessons Don’t Change the Heart

The last year has been very tough & I’ve learned some hard lessons. I feel I’ve learned how to trust God with my life, & that HE will care for my husband & family if I die; His timing is perfect; I need to see things from other’s views (life’s not all about me); I am mortal, I will die & leave friends & family some day; I am thankful for the family I was born into, the greatest husband out there, and have my church family & friends.

But… I learned this week that just because I went through a trauma, I still struggle with the same heart issues. I am impatient, lack faith in my perfect God, feel sorry for myself because my body has been through so much & has more to come – I have done all the right things, ran marathons, never drink or smoke (how are other people eating fried & processed foods, going to the tanning bed, drink or smoke, not exercising daily & they are healthy???).

Somehow, I still sin with these heart issues. Yes, I still have a sin nature & need God in my life daily!

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