All You Can Eat

The four worst words in food. Not healthy by ANY diet. Buffets may be “money saving,” but will do so much more harm. Why does our culture have buffets and encourage us to to keep on eating? The quality of the food is poor, low in nutrients, and leaves us feeling stuffed and complaining?

Restaurants traditionally serve huge portions, but many take that to the next level. Instead of offering refills for free, a big bread basket, and a pint of salad dressing (shocking your arteries)…hey, let’s offer MORE! More is always better! Let’s line a dining room with salads that aren’t quality greens, but unlimited cheeses and high fat salad dressings; fruits & vegetables are canned or cooked in salt, pork fat, and fruit that could be canned for the next ten years; moving on, you can find fattening meats or pizza that has a layer of grease, followed by desserts that could stop a heartbeat in the middle of the night.

Funny that the nutrition information is unavailable. If they can’t publish they nutrition facts, there’s no way I’d put it in my mouth.

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