Official Pre-Liver Transplant Patient

This week I am trying to schedule my next liver tapping appointment at the transplant center.  Although I have been there two times, the full weight of being a regular patient at the transplant center hasn’t hit me until this week. Pre-Liver Transplant patient. I never thought I’d get to this point. It sounds so serious, so final, so last resort. Forget Jillian’s “Last Chance Workout”…this is my last chance for a life on earth, being Joel’s wife, being Chloe’s & Jack’s mommy, being a daughter, sister, member of Emmanuel Bible Church. 

What to do? What to feel? What CAN I do? I can’t change the fact that I have such a serious & final disease. I can’t change the fact that my days are numbered, my liver isn’t regenerating as hoped. Every month I go to the transplant center to have my liver tapped, to relieve the blood vessels and liver of extra fluid. There’s a risk of bleeding out by hitting a blood vessel. We take that risk each month. 

The things I can do: follow the strict medicine & diet set up for me. Exercise 3-4 times a week.  Pray. And live each day to the fullest, keeping my relationships the best they can be.

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