Meal Planning – Essential for Survival!

Everyone does meal planning differently – and if you don’t plan your family meals / shopping trips, you’re in for trouble for the week.

I used to shop according to what’s on sale, and that still is an element of how I shop. But the most essential aspect of how I shop after having two serious diseases, is by determining the nutritional needs of our family with variety & favorites added. I used to look online at the ads from BiLo, Publix, & Bloom. oh, ok, chicken is on sale, ground beef is on sale. We’ll eat whatever’s on sale, in season, etc. Many of my friends shopped that way, many stay at home moms do.

But what you NEED for your body is different than what’s on sale. And your quality of life is more important than most things.

I start with protein, we really do need to have fish once a week. We need source from chicken, eggs, beef, and turkey. Pork is going to be high fat, high sodium. NOT a need. With animal products, the healthier they are fed and their natural environment, the healthier our bodies are when we consume animal products. I’m sorry, but Walmart eggs are going to be more likely to be tainted with toxins than cage free eggs. I didn’t used to agree with this and was stopped by the price tags. But…think about it. Do you want to eat animals who carry hormones, toxins that can get into your body?

My second factor in shopping is produce – antioxidants, potassium, fiber, – things that keep you disease free. We need a variety, not just apples because they’re cheap or last long at home. Apples are good, BUT blueberries, pineapple, peaches, blackberries, potatoes, carrots, spinach, the list goes on.  And organic produce is much more nutritious and less dangerous to eat. I really wouldn’t want to eat bug spray, so why are pesticides ok?

Nothing good comes from traditional box or canned food. Lunchables, Chef Boy Ardee, Hamburger helper??? I have never fed my kids that stuff.  It’s not real food. It’s processed, chemical packed, sodium packed stuff that has no nutritional value.

So…I sit down twice a week. Once to make a weekly meal plan – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert (2-3 nights), and snacks.  all the meals, I also plan 1-2 side dishes. I ask Joel & Chloe for a request for a meal or something we have had to much of in the last couple of weeks. Joel & I need to have 10 minutes together to review his work schedule & what evening or lunch would be good for going out to eat. then I review the list in the middle of the week to see what changes we need to make, if we have leftovers, or changes.

A thorough plan saves time and money. You can eat organic IF you plan for it. And the prices at Whole Foods aren’t always higher.  Just like Walmart isn’t always the cheapest (especially after they remodeled!). think about your health needs – what’s in your family genetically handed down from grandma???

Don’t eat what’s convenient or cheapest … your body will know the difference.


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