Put one Foot in Front of the Other

Between 2001-2007, I ran 18 marathons. Being a runner was my life. My mentality was a fighter, there’s no run I couldn’t finish. I ran in cold, rain, 95 degree heat afternoons. I just put one foot in front of the other. I ran with
So today I did that. My sister, Jenni, walked with me to help me walk for the Spinx Run Fest 5k. I registered, but have not been able to walk more than 2 miles at a time. So today I walked 2.1 miles. One foot in front of the other.
A good life philosophy. For work, for your career. Don’t give up. Live to your potential. Stop with the excuses. One foot in front of the other.

Financial Meeting

Last week Joel & I met with the Dave Ramsey endorsed local provider (ELP). We have completed Dave’s basic “baby steps” & needed to be more proactive about investments & options for college funding. This meeting unexpectedly caught my strongest fear — how much do I really need to plan?

We talked about where we are, Joel’s income, how much we want to provide for college, etc. We also talked about our short term- 10 year goals. We know I will need transplants for the heart & liver. Big questions are: where will the insurance pay for these procedures? Will we have to travel to Maryland or Illinois? It is likely to be an 8 week hospital stay, IF I don’t reject the organs. So… Joel taking off of work, staying at a hotel, etc.

When Jason started some rough formulas & guessing at Joel’s mortality, I just started to cry. I mean, sure, Joel can retire at 65 or so, and he should have a solid income. But we really didn’t need to plan for me to live to 70 or 80. That’s almost laughable. I mean at 35, I have a severely damaged liver & a heart that will stop working when the mechanical valve wears out.

I sure didn’t expect this life when Joel & I said our vows February 7, 1998. As we began our married life, we thought we would spend the rest of our life — a long life — together.

So the next day, I began to be thankful for each day we have together & try to make something special every day. Try to have a peaceful home for him when he comes home, remember to take minutes daily to kiss, to laugh, & share together.

That’s what I have been doing & encourage all couples to enjoy each other daily.