Financial Meeting

Last week Joel & I met with the Dave Ramsey endorsed local provider (ELP). We have completed Dave’s basic “baby steps” & needed to be more proactive about investments & options for college funding. This meeting unexpectedly caught my strongest fear — how much do I really need to plan?

We talked about where we are, Joel’s income, how much we want to provide for college, etc. We also talked about our short term- 10 year goals. We know I will need transplants for the heart & liver. Big questions are: where will the insurance pay for these procedures? Will we have to travel to Maryland or Illinois? It is likely to be an 8 week hospital stay, IF I don’t reject the organs. So… Joel taking off of work, staying at a hotel, etc.

When Jason started some rough formulas & guessing at Joel’s mortality, I just started to cry. I mean, sure, Joel can retire at 65 or so, and he should have a solid income. But we really didn’t need to plan for me to live to 70 or 80. That’s almost laughable. I mean at 35, I have a severely damaged liver & a heart that will stop working when the mechanical valve wears out.

I sure didn’t expect this life when Joel & I said our vows February 7, 1998. As we began our married life, we thought we would spend the rest of our life — a long life — together.

So the next day, I began to be thankful for each day we have together & try to make something special every day. Try to have a peaceful home for him when he comes home, remember to take minutes daily to kiss, to laugh, & share together.

That’s what I have been doing & encourage all couples to enjoy each other daily.

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