Heredity as a Disease Risk Factor

The majority of Americans agree that knowing their family health history is important to their own health. But only 30% actually know their family health history, according to the surgeon general & Dept of health & human services.

So.. Do you know your family health history AND does it change your life? If you see your grandparents or parents suffer from a disease, are you changing your health habits?

The Dept of HHS says that heredity can influence your disease risk up to 50%. So if Grandma and Dad have diabetes, you have a good chance of developing it as well. If dad has a heart attack….um, maybe you need to stop smoking and exercise. Just maybe??

Why wait until something serious happens & you are already weak, hooked up to an IV, and the doctor is putting you on 8 different medicines? It is a whole lot easier to make truly healthy habits while you are younger, stronger, and healthier.

Use some common sense. Take care of yourself. It’s not hard to figure out… Information is everywhere. If you value your family, quit being a slob & selfish. Get off of the couch watching football all the time — go PLAY football. Take the pepperoni off of the pizza — eat thin crust with vegetables. Salt shaker — bye bye! SALAD. No more tanning, no more smoking. WATER.

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