10 months post-op, I have completed two 5k (3.1 miles) walks. The Spinx Run Fest was my first one. 4 years ago, I ran the full marathon 26.2 miles, with my dad. I struggled the whole time, finished in 6 1/2 hours, then went home, showered, and went to church at 3:30 pm. (supper was a thick Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza). Fast forward 4 years, adding a 2nd child and massive reconstructive open heart surgery, I walked the Spinx 5k in 1:01:30. (supper was NOT Pizza Hut). Huge accomplishment!

This past Saturday, I walked the Lungs 4 Life 5k, starting at the downtown YMCA & walking through Cleveland Park. Both mornings were beautiful & both times my mom walked with me, even though she could run it & have a faster race. 2nd huge accomplishment!

I really appreciate this successes more than I have in the past, they are very special to me. My family & friends are very supportive & compassionate. I hope I can inspire others to take what you’ve got & do the best with it. “I can’t” or “I can try” is not good enough.

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