The #1 Item on Food Labelling

Assuming we read the food labels on grocery items, restaurant menus, or recipes, what is the most important item to read?

A typical food item tells us the ingredients, serving size, calories, fat, saturated fat, mono saturated fat, carbs, protein, sodium, potassium, vitamin or RDA of vitamins & elements, or the overall nutrition of the food. Let’s face it, we all concentrate on one or more of these. You might be surprised by what I feel is THE MOST IMPORTANT one to read.

It’s the serving size. Not sodium, as you would expect me to say 🙂

If we don’t pay attention to the serving size, the rest is irrelevant. Based on research of February’s Cooking Light, the serving size is the key to understanding your food. A piece or 2 of pizza can be fine for dinner with some veggies or salad on the side, but the heart patient I was next to yesterday at Dr. B’s office who ate 3 ENTIRE pizzas is committing nutritional suicide.

No joke… This adult man with congenital heart disease ate 3 whole pizzas and is wondering why he had to return to see the doctor. Um… Serving size, mr.?

Read and heed the serving size, not matter what you are concentrating on for nutrition. Or… You could be that idiot at the hospital.

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