Traffic Jam

There are many good elements that make up a horror film. The mysterious mansion, terrifying monster, erie graveyard, menacing music that is going to speed up your heart rate. But after living through yesterday afternoon, I think movie producers of B films have not tapped into the Traffic Jam.

Now this was no ordinary I-85 traffic jam where five lanes of automobiles are crawling at a 2 mph pace, horns are blaring, profanity is prevalent. Noooo…. (Erie music is playing, softly with a steady Hitchcock like sound)…. The hospital patient & caregiver walk out to their car. Quickly hurry into their seats, automatically lock the doors, and carefully back out of the parking spot. After gears change from reverse to drive, they slowly drive 8 feet.
And that’s the beginning of… Traffic Jam!!!!

One hour and twenty minutes from the top of the Emory parking garage to Clifton Road. There are terrifying moments of horns blaring, people yelling for their lives, and the cliff hanging ending…..did we have to pay the entire day of parking? You’ll have to watch to find out!

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