Hypertension ( or high blood pressure) is common in America. Way too common.
Per “Everyday Health” . . .

[Hypertension occurs when the pressure inside the blood vessels is too high. When your heart pumps, it sends blood out through the arteries. The force of your blood pushing against the walls of your arteries causes pressure. Every time your heart beats, it forces more blood into the arteries, causing the pressure to rise. Between beats, when the heart is resting, the pressure lowers.

They read the numbers based on when your heart beats, called the systolic pressure, and when your heart is at rest between beats, called the diastolic pressure. A normal blood pressure reading is below 120 mm HG systolic and 80 mm Hg diastolic — this blood pressure would be written as 120/80. A blood pressure reading of 140/90 or higher may be an indication of hypertension.]

So, after the technical info, what does this mean to you? You want to have a BP under 140/90, and optimally even lower. There are genetic predispositions as risk factors: heredity, race (African Americans tend to have more problems with hypertension), age (women over 45, men over 55).

There are also risk factors you can influence — don’t smoke, refuse to be a couch potato, no no on the salt shaker, and my personal favorite – lower the stress level.

My blogs may just get old or repetitive to you, but it’s like some people are sitting on the railroad tracks daydreaming, and there really is a train coming towards you someday. If you take care of your body before you have any health problem arise, you will have a bigger shot at living longer with your family.

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