Spices to use (instead of salt)

Today’s women, whether stay at home moms, working moms, working childless wives, or retired women, all of us run into a common dilemma around 4 p.m. What’s for dinner? There’s our old standby meals, spaghetti or sandwiches;  there’s endless choices of drive-thrus, offering WONDERFUL nutrients; there’s eating out in a sit down restaurant (more expensive & annoying people to watch or listen to), or cooking at home.

I generally use a meal plan for the week. Main dish & sides for supper, main dish for breakfast & lunch. This helps save the time & headache. And something changes EVERY week, so not every night goes according to plan. Life happens.

A year ago, I had to radically change my diet to leave out as much salt as I could.  Let’s face it, salt tastes good. Combine salt with bad fats and sugars, and ta da! You have every restaurant chains’ secret on good food. Good tasting food, bad long term results.

I completed 18 sessions of card rehab, and 2 nutrition classes. They gave out handouts & the one that has made a huge difference is my spices chart. Spices give flavor that salt can’t. It opened your taste buds to different avenues you might not have had before. It can change your children’s taste buds before they even get the “I want McDonalds & I want it NOW!” taste buds.

Try using this chart if you are interested — it helps me! An when people taste my food, women generally compliment it, where men usually say it’s not that bad.  Except for my husband & dad…. these men know better and they are kinder to me than the average Joe.


Allspice Lean ground meats Stews
Cranberry sauce Gravies Lean meat
Almond Extract Puddings Fruits
Basil Fish Lamb Lean ground meats Stews Poultry Soups Sauces Fish
Bay Leaves Lean meats Stews Poultry Soups Tomatoes
Caraway Seeds Lean meats Stews,  soups Salads Breads Cabbage Asparagus Noodles
Chives Salads Sauces Soups Lean meats Veggies
Cider Vinegar Salads Veggies Sauces
Cinnamon Fruits Breads Pie crusts
Curry Powder Lean meats Lamb Chicken fish Tomatoes T. Soup Mayo
Dill Fish sauces Soups Tomatoes Veggies Salads Mac & Cheese Chicken fish Potatoes
Garlic (garlic salt) Lean meats Fish Soup Salads Veggies Tomatoes Potatoes
Ginger Cicken Fruits
Lemon Juice Lean meats Fish
Salads Veggies
Mustard (dry) Lean gr
Lean meats Chicken
Salads Asparagus Broccoli
Nutmeg Fish Piecrusts Lemonade Potatoes Chicken
Lean meat loaf Pudding
Onion Lean meats Stews Veggies Salads Soups
Paprika Lean meats Fish Soups
Sauces Veggies
Parsley Lean meats Fish Soups
Sauces Veggies
Peppermint extract Puddings Fruits
Pimiento Salads Veggies Casseroles
Rosemary Chicken
Lean beef
Lean pork
Sauces Stuffings Peas Lima beans
Sage Lean meats Stews Biscuits Tomatoes Green beans Fish Lima beans Lean pork
Savory Salads Lean pork Lean meats Soups Green beans Lima beans Peas
Thyme Lean meat Sauces Soups Onions Peas Tomatoes Salads
Turmeric Lean meat Fish Sauces Rice

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