Shoes On Or Off?

Every time I have to get weighed for my doctor appointments or procedures, I always kick off my shoes (yes, I wear socks). It’s a habit I don’t really think about, but where did I learn that?

You could say that you can’t get a true body weight with heavy clothes or shoes on. And that is true. Jeans, shirt, & shoes could weigh um … 3 pounds? Depending on how big the jeans are and if you wear a size 13 athletic shoe, it could be more. But I don’t really feel like stripping my jeans and no one wants me to do so.

But the shoes gotta go. I hate getting weighed with shoes on.

I think I want an accurate weight, so that if I am tipping the scales, I can’t blame one pound on my shoes. OCD? Probably. Will it change? Probably not. Am I too hard on myself? Definitely.