Blessings In My Life

Throughout my life, I have been on a roller coaster. Life is great…no, life is crappy. I am thankful for my health…my health sucks. I have the best family…we all had an argument at Christmas time. I love my dogs…why can’t they just pee outside 100% of the time? My kids are the most beautiful, loving angels…stop spitting on your sister!!!

Emotions may go up and down, but the blessings and gifts I undeservingly receive are my stability.

My God who created me, chose me for His own, gave His Son’s life for me…He gives & gives & gives. He gave me the gift of Congenital Heart Disease, showing me His power, might, and providential planning of the events in my life.

My husband, who is ever patient, giving, selfless. Joel tells me I am the most beautiful woman in the world…and believes it. He loves God and hates evil.

My children, who were predestined to be ours. Gifts from God, birthmothers who chose life for Chloe and Jack and who sacrificially gave us what we couldn’t have otherwise.

My parents and siblings who love me. Mom and Dad always put us first, making the best decisions possible, spending countless hours taking care of me and getting the best medical care possible.

My church family, Emmanuel Bible Church. I cannot ever repay the support they give me, especially during my 5th heart operation. Prayers, fasting, gifts, time, surrogate homes for my kids. Continued prayer, continued encouragement, sometimes rebuke.

Friends who give, talk, spend time, easily forgive when I have been insensitive or mean.

Caring and brilliant physicians, nurses, medical support system throughout my life who have sought to save my life, problem solving to give me the best options available. Incredible health care coverage and opportunity to University hospitals and CHD centers.

These are the most important things in my life and I am blessed to have them.

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