My Lab Technician

Most people don’t have a friendship with their lab technician, mostly because they don’t have need lab work more than a regular physical or 2 times a year for a minor health problem. I never envisioned I would have a friendship with a lab technician based on the need to watch my blood chemistry so much.

My regular routine is a weekly blood test to measure how quickly my blood will clot, and monthly for blood chemistry. Then I received a home machine to test my clotting at home. However, lay week I have had several problems and required 2 test & this week I will have 2 tests. My insurance company really hates me.

Rosie is my lab tech in Greenville Lab Corp and we have really talked over the last year. Some days it’s small talk, some days are pure stress relievers. During my relapses, she’s my therapist. But over all, over the last 15 months, she’s been my friend & I am blessed to have her.

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