Hurry Up & Wait

I’ve been actively listed for both a liver and a heart transplant. The testing last summer was intense, mentally, spiritually, & physically. Since I will be the first one at Emory University Hospital with this combination of organ transplantation, every part of my health, labs, and meds are scrutinized.

The waiting is the hardest part and transplant recipients of my support group (whom have tremendously helped me), agree. At first the waiting was extremely tough, because my doctors said it would be a 3-6 month wait for my body size, antibodies, and certain parameters. It’s approaching 4 1/2 months.

Today is day 144 of waiting. In some ways it has gotten easier – I’ve enjoyed Thanksgiving, Christmas, more quality time with Joel, the kids, and my family. I’ve been blessed even more with my friendships, encouraging me & praying for me. I’ve grown spiritually & learned more Scripture. I’ve really picked up my hobby of jewelry making & involvement with Let There be Mom.

There are some days I forget I am waiting & that the transplants will come.

But, there are often sick days & days the suffering gets worse. The pain increase, rapid heart rates (A-tacks), uncontrollable stomach pain and issues. Nosebleeds, sore lip and nose from wearing my oxygen tube. 84 pills a day. 84! I’ve had e-Coli , strep, sinus infection viruses, my dog died of kidney cancer, our first floor of the house flooded with sewage water, and my entire family is grieving with me.

Through this I have been truly blessed by my Heavenly Father. His mercy and steadfast love are poured out. He keeps His promises, Joshua 21:45. He keeps his promises to ME.

Joel has a fantastic job that allows him to work at home.
My mom does our laundry.
My parents watch the children.
My sister, Jenni, watches the children, gives them baths & feeds them , & cleans twice a week.
My brother and sister in law help with children and house projects and repairs.
My church family has done everything from cutting the yard, visiting me, having church with me at home, run errands, pray, encourage, and counsel me & Joel. Sit with us to help with the kids, provided meals, gas money for our trips. Unbelievable love.

It IS a struggle to wait, but the woman of Proverbs 31 uses her time wisely, regardless of her health. And that’s my goal.

One thought on “Hurry Up & Wait

  1. I am starting a prayer chain for you Stephanie and your family. God will be with all of you and give you hope and strength.

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