Who Deserves a heart?

I have just passed 6 months on the transplant list and through talking with many people, I have found many people have misconceptions.

Misconceptions include: how you get on the list, what is your # on the list, how long you wait & why, and many more.

The waiting process is different for everyone. It is based on your body size, blood type, tissue type, and where you will receive your transplant.

The process of getting on the national transplant list, managed by UNOS (the United Network for Organ Sharing, a private, non profit agency, http://www.unos.org) is very difficult. Your specialists needed to have exhausted all other avenues of treatments, decide whether or not you can live through a transplant, be mentally and psychologically strong, and if you can agree to the contract with UNOS.

With UNOS, there is no way to cheat the system. The most sick patients (in the hospital) get organs first; if there is no one that matches that organ, then the patients very sick, but living at home receive the organ, and so forth.

Your fame, money, or powerful job status CANNOT BUY an organ. it just doesn’t happen.

Since Dick Cheney received a heart at 71, there has been more questions and accusations of cheating/buying. Does he deserve a heart at 71, when there is a shortage of organs and younger people are waiting? Who deserves to live? Some people bitterly say “at least now we know he HAS a heart.”

It comes down to Who you believe is in charge of life. Who chooses when life begins and end? Who has the power & might, Who created all things? If your worldview is based upon God, then you believe God gave Dick Cheney an extension life. If your worldview is based on chance and “common sense”, then you may believe that young people deserve to live and once you get “old” then you are not as important as a 37 year old with kids. When I was 19, I thought 37 was old.

Yesterday someone was asking me if I think Mr. Cheney deserves a new heart? Am I jealous? He’s 71, I’m 37 with young children. No, I’m not jealous or wistful or any other term. I am so happy for him and hope he helps to promote organ donation awareness. He has children & grandchildren that are rejoicing he is still alive. He is as important to his family as I am to my family.

At the same time, I am compassionate to the donor’s family. They are mourning the loss of a spouse or parent or son/daughter.

So who deserves a heart? Biblically, no one. We don’t DESERVE anything from God. He gives his grace and steadfast love to those who love worship Him. He loved us before we loved Him. ANYTHING He gives us, is because He loves us & has mercy on us.