Treat Yourself!

Indulgence, celebrate, extravagance, pleasure, delight, satisfaction.

I love treating myself & boy, can I rationalize getting a food or drink treat. I LOVE getting a coke ( which is now off limits for the kidney diet restriction. Off limits, but yes, I’ve had one.). I LOVE a Starbuck’s iced caramel macchiato decaf, with extra caramel. I enjoy baking breads, brownies, etc.

A while back I was talking to my sister about giving my kids treats and how I’ve gotten into regularly giving them or myself treats. If it’s a regular habit, it’s not a treat. A treat implies that it’s unusual or the minority of time.

So my nerd, analytical mind is thinking …” How many days a week? Once a month? Once a week? How often? What’s healthy for the kids or for myself? Do I restrict the size to a tall, or a grande? I haven’t settled on an answer, just that it’s the minority of the time, a minority of our diets. For me, it won’t reflect in labs or mistreat my new healthy organs someone sacrificed for me & God graciously gave me.

Moms… Any input on giving cookies, chips, candy, worthless juice or soda or junk to your kids is helpful to discuss. How many “exceptions” do you make for birthday parties, holidays ( Valentine’s Day, Easter coming up)? What about if you are a guest at someone’s house? What if you want chocolate cake, but don’t want your kiddo to have it? To sneak or not to sneak?

One thought on “Treat Yourself!

  1. I’m more of an “everything in moderation” mom. I don’t mind if she has a small piece of candy now and then, but I don’t offer it. If she asks and she hasn’t had any today, then sure. I send chips in her lunch, but there are only 4. (seriously). Also in her lunch is a vegetable, fruit, and a PB&J sandwich. More often than not, the chips come home untouched. But there were only 4 to begin with so even if she eats them, it’s not a big deal. We almost never have dessert. So when there is a birthday or we are at someone’s house, I don’t worry about her having dessert. She doesn’t like soft drinks, so that’s not really a problem. She also quit drinking juice around age 5, so if we go out and she wants Hi-C or Lemonade, it’s fine. If she did want them, I would definitely limit it to once a week (and then it would be a kid size serving, not a 20 oz. bottle). And juice to one 6oz. serving a day. That’s counts as a fruit serving, but more than that is just more sugar than she needs. She loves milk, but the doctor said that more than 24 oz. (3, 8oz servings) actually does more harm than good. And after they turn 2, skim milk is fine. The rest of the time, she drinks water.
    That’s really all I know. I just try to be reasonable and to also remember that telling her no, is really not the end of the world, even if she thinks so. It also doesn’t mean that I don’t love her, or that I’m causing her to miss out on some vital part of childhood. 🙂

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